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Coffee Table Model 3301 Model 3301 :
Fore sizes of coffee table for individual use of combination. Finish in grey oak veneer and feet in chrome-plated die-casting.

Coffee Table Model 3317 Model 3317 :
Coffee table with glasses on top and bottom. Finish in grey oak veneered and painted white frame.

Coffee Table Model 5331 Model 5331 :
Ten specification of choice. Stainless steel frame. Finish is available in grey oak veneer and black glass.

Coffee Table Model 5333 Model 5333 :
Three sizes of tray each one finish in red, white and black lacquer available, for individual use or combination on sofa or coffee table.

Coffee Table Model 5334 Model 5334 :
Finish in grey oak veneer, feet in chrome-plated metal casting.

Coffee Table Model 5335 Model 5335 :
Finish in grey oak veneer with special cross shape design.

Coffee Table Model 5337 Model 5337 :
Finish in white and black lacquer. For individual use or combination with ottoman.

Coffee Table Model 5338 Model 5338 :
Solid wood structure, neat and clean. Three sizes are available, finish in grey oak veneer or white varnish.

Coffee Table Model 5339 Model 5339 :
Stainless steel frame, veneer grey oak top, multiples sizes suitable for different configuration.

Coffee Table Model 5340 Model 5340 :
Finish in grey oak veneer, solid wood legs.

Coffee Table Model 5341 Model 5341 :
Finish in grey oak.

Coffee Table Model 5342 Model 5342 :
Finish in grey oak.

Coffee Table Model 5345 Model 5345 :
Two sizes available with black painted surface and wood frame.

Coffee Table Model 5347 Model 5347 :
table with white lacquer surface

Coffee Table Model 5348 Model 5348 :

Coffee Table Model 5349 Model 5349 :
Grey oak veneer top and solid wood leg.

Coffee Table Model 5350 Model 5350 :
Grey oak veneered top and nickel plated metal base..

Coffee Table Model 5351 Model 5351 :
Glass top with frame in stainless steel pipe.

Coffee Table Model 5352 Model 5352 :
Black glass top and plastic coated metal frame.

Coffee Table Model 5353 Model 5353 :
Leather covered top and nickel plated steel frame.

Coffee Table Model Fram Model Fram :
Stainless steel frame with marble or glass top.

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